Scene Savers

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Function that returns a list of the Scene/Geometry savers registered in the system.

Returns a list of the savers as tuples where each tuple consists of the server's internal name, the server's user name and the saver DOS type (extension). Also servers as an example of how to build a list of specific servers.


def get_savers():
    host_svc = lx.service.Host()
    savers = []
    for x in range(host_svc.NumServers('saver')):
        factory = host_svc.ServerByIndex('saver', x)
        out_class = factory.InfoTag(lx.symbol.sSAV_OUTCLASS)
        if  (out_class == 'scene') or (out_class == 'scene2'):
            name = factory.Name()
            uname = factory.UserName()
                dostype = factory.InfoTag(lx.symbol.sSAV_DOSTYPE)
                dostype = ''
            savers.append((name, uname, dostype,))
    return savers